Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Coming by the end of the week: CD available for purchase through! By next week: individual tracks for purchase on iTunesmusicstore! And by the end of the month: a Myspace page! Huzzah!
Friday, December 1, 2006
So this one time I'm walking in a strange land, and as I step over the scattered remains of an ancient stone wall, rounded and green with age, I hear a pleasing, beckoning sound coming from about a furlong away. I step over a scraggly, withered dog and beg the pardon of a shawl-covered hunchwoman pushing a cartful of dates along the stone-studded street. The music grows nearer as I round a corner, and I catch sight of strange man running his hands across some sort of boxy tool. A few people are eating fruit nearby. I stride up to one of the bystanders and nudge the guy gently in the ribs. "What instrument is that?" I ask. He's like, "acoustic guitar". And the rest is history.
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